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The Cre8tive Technology team follows Epicor’s best practices for customization and implementation of today’s leading ERP solutions. Due to our success in seamless ERP software integration, we have been identified as one of Epicor’s Preferred Partners. Our services are a true extension of the Epicor professional team, and we look forward to tailoring Epicor’s software to find a solution that’s right for your organization.



Whether you’re in search of increased collaboration, or ultimate mobility, we have a solution that’s right for you.

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From customization and integration to data migration and ongoing support, Cre8tive Technology is here for you.

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Aerospace and Defense Industry

Aerospace & defense companies are always on high alert for production changes, hard deadlines, and tight budgets that accompany their current build-to-demand model...

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Furniture and Fixtures

Businesses in the furniture and fixtures industry depend highly on up-to-date, effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. If you are in the furniture business...

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High Tech and Electronics

Electronics and high-tech development companies require innovative and efficient Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services in order to remain competitive in a thriving...

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Furniture Manufacturing Challenges Squashed by ERP

There are a handful of common challenges that organizations face in the furniture manufacturing industry. For example, much of the product line is built to order, and traceability from original materials to the showroom floor and on to the customers…

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Why the Aerospace and Defense Industry Needs ERP

Aerospace and Defense (A&D) is a rapidly evolving industry that requires a good deal of real-time communication spanning every facet of manufacturing and resource planning. This industry consists of many different companies that produce both commercial and private aircraft, spacecraft,…

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About us

Cre8tive Technology and Design offers the latest ERP software solutions and support for a wide variety of industries. From high-speed collaboration tools to increased manufacturing agility, Epicor software is the leading solution for business efficiency and growth. Epicor ERP software solutions are customizable to meet the needs of business models around the world. Check out our industry page to discover how Epicor ERP can solve complex business dilemmas for industries such as discrete manufacturing, engineering, architecture and design, and more.

Why customers choose us


Working with Cre8tive’s consultants and developers, we were able to incorporate two very complex and intertwined customizations into our Epicor system. I was very impressed by their teams ability to understand our unique business problems and help us to design the right solutions. We think of Cre8tive more as a partner in business than just another vendor.

Leisa Rogers McCollister